Hi! I’m Ashley aka Mommy to 2 amazing kiddos, Wife to a great guy, Coffee Freak + an Etsy Shop owner (x2). We live wherever the Army sends us, currently in Washington, but being from The Mitten – MI is where we call home.  I love Jesus, family, coffee, diy, photography, design, cooking, list-making, I could go on – I love a lot…

About 7 years ago Lauren, my mother-in-law + best friend, was asking me for help finding a coupon code to use for an online purchase she was about to make.  (I used to be really on top of couponing before it became a mega popular topic to blog and make reality TV about.) This is something I had done for her many times before. She sat back in her chair while I leaned in to type in a few of the sites that I used regularly into her Mac and it was then that she called me “The Coupon Queen”. We shared a good laugh, then she got a little more serious and told me that I should start a website to share all these amazing resources for saving $$ that I had researched. She also said that since cooking was such a major part of my life that I should share my recipes online, as well offer my help to military spouses who didn’t quite understand the life yet and needed a place to find much needed resources. Her father + mother served in British Army when she was a child, she understood how much of a challenge military family life can be. When Lauren spoke, you listened and listened well, her beautiful British accent and her demeanor just drew you in. She was the kind of person you could share a bottle of good red wine with and talk for many hours, comfortably. Always reading and studying history and the Bible, Lauren was by far the wisest woman I had ever met. I learned so much from her and she learned much from everyone she met. She always took the time to make people feel appreciated, talking to every cashier, every waiter, every person she encountered – especially if they seemed to be in a rather unpleasant mood. Every time that I saw her do this, she always left them with a smile – she was good with everyone and changed people’s lives; always listening well to others and always considering things from different points of view. I have never met anyone like that before, she changed my life too. She had very strong Christian faith in God and she, along with my husband, helped me find my faith after I had long lost it. I owe her an immeasurable debt for her dramatic influence in my life. Her advice to me that day always played over in my mind and it eventually became a dream for me to do this.

Fast-forward 8 years and for now I’ll just say Life happened, a lot of heartache, a lot of loss, and a lot of pain. It hasn’t been easy to get here but some truly amazing blessings from God and some joyous moments have gotten us through it all. Things are finally starting to get easier and we are beginning a new journey, not understanding it completely yet but we believe it is God’s Path for us. I have high hopes for my little website, I have had a lot of unique experiences in the past 11 years, being an Army Wife, Mom, and making my way through a few life changing events that I eventually would like to share with my readers as I become more willing to do so.

I dedicate this website to my mother-in-law, Lauren, whom I love + respect more than I could ever put into words and who I hope is watching over us from Heaven, feeling our love and knowing how much she is missed.

I hope that you will find this website useful and that you will share it with family + friends – welcome.