Airstream’n ~ Kitchen Sinks + Faucets

Airstream’n ~ Kitchen Sinks + Faucets

Starting Out

Our Vintage ’78 Airstream Sovereign came with a lot of space saving, small scale fixtures – one of them being the kitchen sink, or fill a pitcher of water. It was a split tub stainless type and about 4″ deep, repeat 4 inches deep. It is almost impossible to wash anything like a pan or pot in that sink. Yes, we could have re-used the existing sink and just updated the faucet. However, when considering living in the Airstream for any considerable length of time, the thought of washing dishes after every meal seem like a big pain.

When we considered our daily life and our needs, we realized that we’d be a lot happier with a single style sink that was deep enough to wash our pots and pans, fill a bucket, wash laundry if necessary, etc…

As with most of the shopping we have done for our Airstream, we were trying to be smart with this purchase… we thought about our needs, wants, and our budget. Just like with cooktop shopping, kitchen fixtures are an important group to shop for. Amazon had a lot to choose from, as usual, finding good quality at a good price is a whole other animal.

Apron Front Farmhouse Style Sinks

I envisioned the sink to be a farmhouse style, white apron front sink – however – they are ridiculously expensive. IKEA does carry an affordable option for anyone willing to trek out to their nearest store or order online without seeing it in person (it may not be available for shipping, I haven’t checked).

Undermount Sinks

By far, the easiest installation is a drop in sink but they are a somewhat dated style and take up a tiny but extra counterspace. In a normal kitchen this wouldn’t matter but in a tiny kitchen, every stinkin’ inch counts. We had settled on an undermount for two reasons: 1.) The few inches of counterspace we’d gain  2.) We wouldn’t have to cut out the front of the wood countertop. The countertop would need to be cut out for an apron front sink and it just complicates installation of the countertop and of the cabinets.

What We Bought

With many great options, it can be hard to choose but considering design and limited space. I thought we would go with the farmhouse style sink as a solid design theme setter but it is expensive, heavy, and difficulty of installing it into our DIY Cedar Countertops was just too much to do in our time frame. We chose a silver metallic finish to go well with the design plan. The walls and cabinets will be bright white to look clean and more spacious but the touches of chrome and silver will bring a little of the Airstream’s signature finish, inside.

We ended up buying this 23″ Undermount Stainless Steel Sink for $199 and the faucet we chose to buy (although a slightly different Chrome finish) the less expensive chrome high-arch coil spring model for $69. After taxes and free-2 day shipping on with Amazon Prime, we paid about $270 and that is not too bad for both a sink and faucet.

Kitchen Add-On Possibility

We had been talking about filtering our water from the inside as well as the outside  Camco In-Line Water Filter that we have that filters the water before it goes in the fresh water tank. Our oldest has a life-threatening heart condition (DCM) and we have to be very careful with what goes into his body so we figured that the extra filtration is best.

Stay tuned for our Airstream’n Series to find out.

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