Airstream’n ~ Quality Products That’ll Last in Your Airstream Trailer

Airstream’n ~ Quality Products That’ll Last


We chose to buy the important, expensive – big ticket items first, that is after we bought our Airstream…but they were the next purchase.

Water Heater

I stood firm that I wanted to have a tankless water heater – this caused a headache for both of us… Most people go with the mainstream brands Girard and Atwood but we researched these for days and the reviews were disappointing. We had picked a better model (PrecisionTemp)  that was supposed to be a good model but still partly Atwood, then decided it would be a mistake as well as the price was astronomical. After a few more days of research and speaking with a few local experts who know everything there is to know about Airstream rehab, we found a new option – the suburban on-demand tankless water heater.


We also went with the Suburban gas furnace after researching the brand and reaching the conclusion that they are the best quality for the price point we could afford (-ish).

Yes, these purchases still put one heck of a dent in our budget (which is not a ton of cash btw) but considering that we only want to do this once, we want to do it right. We have sold things we are not very attached to to make some of these purchases, that said, we are moving and downsizing anyway. We have decided that until we retire, we never want to live in a 2800+ sq ft house again – 1.) too much cleaning, 2.) Too much room for stuff to accumulate, 3.) Too much cleaning!

Back to the Airstream…

Porcelain Throne

The toilets are a very personal choice – obviously – but this is a great pick if you have not already researched. I have seen this model in a lot of other Airstream rehabs and it is very popular.

Electric Jack

The electric tongue jack was not a necessity but as I put my foot down on the tankless water heater, I realized this was pretty important to my husband and never resisted this buy. Some may not consider this a necessity and that is true but time and energy also have a value and manually cranking the jack every time we move the Airstream just seems like a huge waste of that valuable time and energy. If you plan on using your Airstream or RV with any regularity, this is a useful tool you should consider. Bottom Line = It will make your life a lot easier.

Sway Bars (Stabilizers)

The sway bars – you need these, and they need to be high quality – do not mess with your safety by skimping here, you must protect yourself and your family, and lastly your investment in your trailer or RV. The sway bars I included in this post are probably going to be our choice but we are on the fence with 2 other options. They are the here and the here.


This insulation is a great option for an Airstream rehab, we picked up ours from our local mega chain hardware store as it was less expensive. Amazon frequently drops prices though so it may be worth checking before you head out to the hardware store.


The fan we ended up buying was the Maxxair Maxxfan but for some reason Amazon’s associate ad creator, was not willing to apply it so I picked the other 2 fans we were on the fence for – all three are great options but after extensive research, we went with 2 of these for our Airstream rehab.

Stay tuned for our Airstream’n Series to find out more.

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