I’ve been using most of these site for many years to save a lot of $$. Here, I’ve organized a list of coupon + cashback websites for you to explore and hopefully they will save you money as well.

Please see my disclosure on affiliate/referral links here in my disclosure policy.

The Best Cashback Sites:


Ebates is a good site to use regularly and if you are shopping on another device such as an iPhone or iPad because you can download their app and shop from it to get your cashback – so I’d say they are the easiest ad most convenient to use for sure. If you were to lookup cashback on all of these sites and compare them to what Ebates is offering, you can probably find a better deal by 1-2% but sometimes convenience is more important and because of their app, I often just go with them as my time is valuable to me and they make it easy. I’ve been a member of theirs since 2010 and have earns over $65o just from shopping through their cashback links. I earned the most through appliance purchases on those bonus sales, earning 12% back on my fridge and dishwasher.

Even if you don’t want to go through the extra steps of getting cashback on everyday purchases, I highly recommend using a cashback site for major purchases of $100+ otherwise you are just throwing significant amounts money away by not claiming it for yourself.

Ebates does offer some very good deals that are hard to beat, they have a daily double (you can sign up for emails from them to be notified what their offers are) and they also will offer sales with bonus cashback, similar to they way Shop at Home boosts certain shops cashback for popular sales throughout the year.

They also make finding a great deal VERY easy. When you visit a shop’s page on Ebates, they provide any available coupons they can find and if you use them, you will still be able to earn cashback through them. What I mean by this is that many cashback sites have a disclaimer that if you use a coupon code that is not listed with their cashback offer, then you will not earn the cashback that was offered. Shop at Home is pretty clear about that and I’ve had my cashback reversed a few times when I used a coupon they didn’t offer.

Ebates also offers a very generous referral program, here if you refer a friend that signs up and earns cashback, you’ll earn $25, refer 3 friends and earn $75!! That is an amazing program.

All of that plus they pay you quarterly through PayPal! I have given you most of the info on this page but if you’d like to learn a bit more about Ebates, click below

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Coupon Cabin

This site was once my go to site for coupon codes but over the past few years my shopping had curbed and I rarely would visit their coupon page. Recently I went back to them and a lot had changed, they now even offer cashback. They seem fairly new t cashback but they have a very easy to use site and offer very high % cashback, some offers are limited time/limited numbers – I just used 19% cashback at Target and that offer was only 1 out 20 available spots. I’ve seen a lot of these across their cashback page and these deals blow every other cashback site out of the water. I highly recommend you check with Coupon Cabin first as if they are offering a special deal, you won’t want to miss out on huge savings.

You can read more about Coupon Cabin Cashback here.

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This is a cashback site that focuses on earning cashback for college. You do not have to use your earnings for school but there are a few incentives if you do. Generally, the offer a 5% saving to almost every store they are affiliated with so keep that in mind when you are trying to find the best deal while shopping. If you see Ebates is offering 3% cashback to the website you are shopping at, it will be an easy choice to go to Upromise instead because almost every time it will be a 5% cashback offer (and it only takes a minute to double check).

You can learn more about Upromise Cashback here.


Shop At Home

This cashback site can be very helpful for extra savings around major shopping “holidays” such as red, white + blue sales (4th of July, Labor + Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day…) Also Black Friday and back to school. While SAH doesn’t generally beat the competition for cashback % on a normal day, they occasionally offer a much higher % than any other site for a handful of very popular sites.

Although I do not normally use S@H for cashback shopping, I actually have earned the most cashback through them. With the purchase of our 1st + 2nd home, needing to buy appliances and waiting to buy during those sales has earned our family over $1200 since 2010.

They now also offer a points-rewards system, very similar to Swagbucks, offering gift cards through points redemption (in addition to cashback) but with far fewer options.

Learn more about Shop@Home Cashback by clicking below

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Mr. Rebates

I don’t use them as regularly as I use Ebates and Upromise but there are a few shops I have memorized that have better cashback on an everyday basis. Mine are GNC, Vitacost, Mr. Rebates usually offers cashback to these shops at almost double the rate of the competition on an everyday basis.



While swagbucks does offer swagbucks/$ spent, I rarely use them for cashback shopping. I do however recommend checking because sometime they offer hundreds or even thousands of points back as a one time offer for signing up (usually through a subscription box site or for a specific product a company is promoting). When signing up through anything, I recommend using a prepaid debit gift card so you don’t get charged beyond what you wanted to spend when you forget to cancel (I have done this a lot and it is a lot easier to prevent it this way). But do be aware that if you cancel early or do not pay for the amount in the terms of the offer, you will not be awarded swagbucks.

Click here to learn more about all Swagbucks has to offer.

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Main Street Shares (Formerly Big Crumbs)

While they were known as Big Crumbs, I used them a lot, probably about 30-40% of the time. They are fun to use because of their Shares program (in addition to the cashback) , which theoretically will give you a big payout based on the number of shares you have earned calculated with the estimated sale of the company. They have a fun little calculator you can play around with if you want to waste a little time daydreaming about making big bucks with little reason to believe it will ever happen.

You can learn more about Main Street Shares in my complete post, here.


Giving Assistant

I am fairly new to this cashback site but what sets them apart from all the others, they let you donate a % of your cashback earning to any legit charity you want. The best part is that you get to determine the exact amount %-wise of your earnings that you are going to donate. The rest of your earnings are yours to keep and you can be easily paid via PayPal

If you want to earn $5 just for referring people to Giving Assistant, click here, after you set up your own account, you can begin referring as well. Their deal goes like this: Everyone you refer gets $5 cash for signing up. Once they earn cash back you get $5. There is no limit to the amount of cash you can earn through referrals.

One last thing that sets this site apart from all the others is that you can potentially earn cashback through Amazon, which can be hard to find if you aren’t in the market for luggage… It is important to note that you will not earn cashback for yourself but that you can earn for your chosen charity. In addition to the 1.5% for charity, you can also boost that with .5% increase through Amazon Smile – earning 2% for charity! There are still fine print details to be read but this is the gist of it.

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