All About: Earl Grey Tea + Bergamot

Earl Grey Tea is an oldie but a goodie, comforting and warm in flavor and aroma. Bergamot is a citrus fruit that has been around for ages, originating from Italy, they are about the size of an orange, resemble lemons in color and flavor but are supposed to be slightly sweeter.

Bergamot Essential Oil, is very popular – used in fragrances, added to flavor teas and foods, pipe tobacco, and in pest repellent. To make 3 oz of pure bergamot oil, it takes about 100 bergamot fruit – expensive but worth it. Its aroma is a fresh citrusy-orange with floral notes, a very happy + uplifting smell – not necessarily feminine, it is used in women’s + men’s fragrance and skin care products.


All About Bergamot + Earl Grey Tea

Bergamot Benefits:

Bergamot oil contains properties that are antibacterial, antispasmodic, antiseptic, and create a calming effect. I recommend using only organic though as it is probably a waste to expect all these good effects while exposing your body to extra carcinogens – not saying its a sure thing but I like to stay organic and non-gmo whenever possible.

More Specifically Aids in Relief of:

  • Digestion (general stomach upset, along with chamomile + Fennel – relieves gas and indigestion when massaged into the abdomen)
  • Bacterial Infections (used in sitz bath treatments for UTI’s along with filtered water + lavender + salt)
  • Healing (think mouth ulcers, chicken pox/shingles, insect bites)
  • Reducing Stress + Anxiety (calming yet uplifting)
  • Blood Circulation

Native to Tropical Asia, Bergamot is a fragrant citrus fruit similar in size to an orange with the coloring of a lime and frankly looks  a bit like brains. Its Latin name (or binomial name) is Citrus bergamia. It is also grown mainly in Asia, Italy, Morocco, and the Ivory Coast. It grows from a small citrus tree that blossoms similar to other citrus members of the family like orange, neroli, etc.. Bergamot is slightly sour and bitter.

It is widely used for Early or Lady Grey Tea, in marmalade, in Turkish Delight, and prevalent in skincare and perfume. With that in mind it should be noted that bergamot on the skin is not a good idea if it will be exposed to sunlight as photosensitivity in skin is amplified by Bergamot oil and other citrus oils.

Historically, Bergamot Oil has been used for treating Malaria, to aid in faster healing of wounds, reducing fever, and in combination with outer oils used for pain relief. Today it is an incredibly popular essential oil to have in any collection and also very popular in perfumes as it has a complex citrus scent that is unlike other citrus oils.

Black Tea Benefits:

  • Cardiovascular Heath + Decreased Risk of Heart Attack/Stroke (Helps lower cholesterol)
  • Antioxidant Rich + Anti-Aging
  • Energizing (Caffeine but less than coffee) + Weight-Loss (helps in maintaining blood sugar levels)
  • Bone Heath (Along with Teeth – Fluoride)
  • Some studies have show lower risk of ovarian cancer, Parkinson’s and prevention of kidney stones in women.

These benefits in just one beverage are pretty impressive. Of course adding sugar and milk to make an Earl Grey Tea Latte may not be the best way to drink it so that you are getting the benefits without unhealthy add-ins but it is a nice treat when you need it and everything in moderation… The best way to drink black tea (for your health) is with fresh lemon and I’d a little bit of raw manuka honey (there is a fine line of too hot that kills the raw honey’s enzymes, so may be better to wait until it cools to lukewarm, dissolve honey and make an iced black tea with lemon).

Some Tasty Brands of Earl Grey Teas I’ve Tried:

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