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I found out about Paribus last fall and signed up immediately. I do a majority of my online shopping through Amazon and they make it easy to get my money back, putting it right back in my Amazon account (as a gift card credit). Amazon usually takes care of customer inquiries within a day, so you can expect your money back very quickly from Amazon.

Paribus makes it easy because they do all the work on your behalf. They monitor prices of every eligible item you purchase (tracking receipts sent to your registered email’s inbox). When the price of one of the items they are tracking drops below what you paid, they automatically contact the store’s customer service and submit a price guarantee ticket (many major retailers offer price change guarantees for a limited time). Paribus takes a very small cut of what you get back and pays the rest back to you.

All of this is done for you, without any extra effort – beyond your initial sign-up and registration.

Sign-Up Here to start saving even more money!!

If you still aren’t sure, take a look at a few of my savings (note that the price I paid in these images doesn’t include any coupons I used, they only track the items original price at the date of my purchase). You can still get all your normal savings of cashback, coupons and discounted gift cards – Paribus savings are in addition to any sweet deals you already got!

So far, I have saved extra money by shopping at Amazon, Target, Gap – remember that you can also save on your Amazon Sub + Save items as well.

The best of my savings has been with Amazon, for 2 reasons:

  • I do a majority of my online shopping there, probably 90%
  • Amazon’s prices change constantly, there is a good chance of the price dropping within the 90 days that Paribus tracks the items you buy


You can save even more if you shop at any of these online stores:


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