Hint Water Subscription ~ 50% off!


Hint Water is soooo good, not like other flavored waters you’ve probably tried. There are absolutely no sweeteners at all, it is simply water but it tastes fantastic. I have a pretty hard time drinking plain water throughout the day and as much as I LOVE homemade fruit infused waters, I just cannot afford to buy that that much fruit, just for adding fruity essence to my daily intake of water. Not only that but if my kids see fruit in the fridge, I’d be lucky to use any of it before it magically disappears…

Not only are they great for meeting your daily H2O intake, they make great additions to smoothies and I even cook with some of them. See my recipe for Pineapple Coconut Thai Shrimp Fried Rice.

Click below to save 50% off your first subscription, combined with their subscribe and save prices and you are getting an amazing deal. I recommend subscribing directly through Hint instead of Amazon because here you can get ALL the flavors (Amazon doesn’t have many of them available) and Hint is actually cheaper. You’ll also get FREE SHIPPING if you subscribe to 3+ cases.

My favorites are Blackberry, Pineapple, Peach and Watermelon.

I recently tried Black Raspberry Hint Kick – very awesome for when you are all coffee-d out but still need that Kick of caffeine to get you through the day. I’ve tried most of the Hint flavors and they all taste great. I especially like to mix 1/2 blackberry + 1/2 peach, that is a great flavor combo. A great money saving secret about hint (in addition to the 50% off coupon) is that you can dilute these bottles up to 50% and still have a flavorful and refreshing full size drink. I just pour 1/2 of a Hint bottle into my reusable bottle and fill up the rest with filtered fridge water – that’s a pretty amazing savings.

Plus the bottles help make great DIY projects with the kiddos, like lava lamps.


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