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 Kicking Horse Whole Bean Kick Ass Coffee…and coffee makers

Possibly the best coffee ever, great smelling and super oily beans and very good tasting coffee. The coffee grinder and brewer can make or break a good coffee. For many years, I had the Cuisinart Grind & Brew with thermal carafe – it made amazing coffee and made the morning coffee routine a lot easier. It did have some downfalls though, like the hopper needed to be thoroughly cleaned out once a week and also didn’t have a long life – lasting 2-3 years before dying out. The first time it died, Cuisinart replaced it free of charge and the second time (a few years later) we had to eat that cost and buy a new coffee maker.

Kicking Horse Whole Bean Kick Ass Coffee

The beans are beautifully oily and the aroma can kill. I’ve been found in the kitchen by my husband with my face in the bag, just breathing in the magic. Yeah. You can get a huge 2.2lb bag on Amazon with subscribe & save for a pretty good price. In the years since I started buying this coffee, it has been recently popping up in huge national brand stores so they are obviously rapidly growing and hopefully they can maintain the quality.

I’d rate Kick Ass at a 10 on first try, hell maybe for a whole year, but eventually we need change and it drops down to a 9. This is a great coffee to keep in mind and makes an amazing gift for any coffee lover. Amazon also sell 2 packs of tins that make gifting even better.

I was an instant convert and loyal customer to Kick Ass Dark Roast coffee for about 4-5 years, I still love them but I needed a change in the past year. I quickly found a coffee comparable in taste (more comparable to our preference or dark and smoky at least, I’m sure the flavor profiles are different to the coffee connoisseur) and stuck with it for a year, Peet’s Major Dickason’s Whole Bean Coffee. I’ll get to that coffee in another post to come after my next post on Aldi Barissimo Coffee.

The Latest Maker

We then decided that maybe we should branch out and get a new coffee pot as it sucks having to replace it every few years. We wanted another pot that could grind and brew but choices were very limited and very expensive. We also wanted it to have a thermal pot – these things can keep coffee hot for hours without a burner to continuously heat the coffee that burns it and gives it a bad flavor. Also reheating coffee in the microwave is preferable as I swear it changes the taste significantly but my husband thinks I’m nuts. We came around to the idea of finding a regular thermal coffee pot and buying a separate grinder (Cuisinart Burr Grinder). The OXO On Barista Brain Coffee Maker is what we settled on as the ratings were very good, it looked sharp, and the price wasn’t too bad considering the quality and deal we were getting.

Don’t get me wrong, its a great coffee maker but as everything does, it has its flaws. Namely, its capacity is only 9 cups max. We’re used to a 12 cup pot every morning, and maybe a few more throughout the day. This also is not great for when family comes… We are already making a fresh pot before everyone has had their first cup and cleaning out the pot, grinding fresh beans, setting up a new pot, then waiting 5-10 while it brews is just too much for one sleepy human to handle 2x before you’ve had that magnificent, eye-cracking, uplifting first sip of java.

Another flaw is the added steps and supplies. Grinding the coffee beans separately, obviously means more steps to the process. It also means buying paper cone #4 filters on the regular and yes we could buy the reusable gold-tone filter but to offset the added steps we are stubbornly resisting adding the extra step of cleaning the filter between brews – we compost anyway so its not too wasteful in our eyes. Yes, lazy – I know but we are zombies without coffee and the importance of making the quick transition from zombie to functioning human should not be overlooked.

The Cuisinart Burr grinder is great, my dad and step-mom have had theirs forever. The only thing that’s annoying is the mess – good luck getting the ground coffee from the container to the filter without getting grinds all over the counter, UN-caffeinated. It’s just not possible. Also the lovely, oily coffee beans we tend to buy get a little jammed up around the edges in the awkwardly shaped rectangular grinds container  (that barely fits in a filter, creating the need for a very careful grinds pour into the filter – it’s all in the wrist).


The OXO On Barista Brain Coffee Maker has a unique style and as much as we don’t love it for daily use, we’ve determined that it will look awesome in the Airstream kitchen so that is a definite plus. We may treat ourselves to another Cuisinart Grind & Brew Coffee Maker for home and daily use but the OXO is definitely a runner up. It’s also not boring to watch as the bubbly heated water gets sucked up the inner tube in the water reservoir and over to the coffee grinds. If you’re already standing there giving the pot a death stare until it completes the brewing cycle, you might as well be entertained by it – obviously OXO thought this through.

Our First

As an introduction to married life, my dad and step-mom, who basically shaped my coffee habit gave us this really nice Bunn Coffee Maker as a wedding gift. It may not look like much today as coffee makers are getting ridiculously stylish but this thing is a power house. If you are not a patient human and are primarily concerned with the speed at which your coffee is in your cup, this is the one for you. I haven’t ever set up a stopwatch on the Bunn Coffee Maker but it feels like 45 seconds flat to brewed but is actually done in just under 3 minutes. All the others take 5-7+ minutes so the Bunn basically Lighting McQueen’s its competitors.

The magic of the Bunn is the hot water tank in the back. It keeps the water always heated so that when you pour in fresh water, it pushes the hot water through the system and into the pot you better be sure to get that carafe back in position quickly or you’re screwed. The cons of the Bunn are simple – burned coffee (from the coffee carafe sitting on the burner too long after brewing) and we’ve had many instances of coffee all over the counter with ours. Something goes horribly wrong if you don’t ensure the carafe is exactly in place and you end up with a coffee covered counter top and coffee dripping down the cabinets and onto the floor. This may have changed in newer models, idk, but my parents does this as well so I know it isn’t only us.

The Dream

The most amazing and beautiful and expensive coffee maker that I’ve had the pleasure to try is actually an espresso machine. The Breville Barista Express is a whopper of a budget buster but the experience is pretty much unbeatable. You get the best grind, the ability to make one cup at a time with ease, quick clean up, quick coffee. I used this coffee beast at my mom’s place this summer and it rocks. Everything feels solid and super high quality and it is fun to use. I like to geek out with cool new toys and I seriously did with this – I must have looked ridiculous. I’m standing there making cups for everyone, imitating a pro and falling in deep like with a coffee maker…

This level of coffee making just ain’t in the budget for us but if you are able, I highly recommend it and I highly doubt you’ll need to replace it anytime soon – it is totally solid. For now, I’ll just dream of it brewing up delicious java in my imaginary Pinterest-inspired dream home in the mountains complete with mini-farm, 100 rescue dogs, horses, wide flowing river, and 100-acre property. Gotta have goals.


Here’s the free coffee printable, as promised! click the link below:

Coffee Before Talkie Free RoBC Printable Mockup Watermarked


coffee before talkie PDF


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