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I just realized I’ve never posted about coffee – that seems kind of ridiculous since that is my thing here! I figured I should have some posts about coffee and maybe I can give some tips, review some blends, and share great finds to other coffee lovers.


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My Coffee (hi)Story

Since I run on black coffee, I’ve tried a lot of different brands and blends. A lot. For the past 10 years I’ve been exclusively drinking whole bean, dark roast coffee. Before that I was drinking the cheap stuff because I was a broke teenager and a newly married army wife… Folgers, variety of instant, some Starbucks on occasion, and French Market Coffee + Chicory.

I’ve loved coffee since I was about 5 – no, I didn’t drink it then but every time I went to the grocery store with my mom, I could always be found standing in the coffee aisle inhaling the intoxicating aroma of coffee beans. By the time I was 10, I was begging for coffee every morning and surely annoying my mom. She finally gave in and let me have it occasionally at very diluted ratio of about 3 milk : 1 coffee and I happily accepted the win. As I got older, I started like my coffee stronger and by high school I was hooked. When I’d visit my dad and family up north, fresh pots were and still are pretty constant throughout the day.

No Frills Black

They drink it black and the first few times I started frilling up my coffee with milk and sugar, I instantly felt the disappointment lingering in the air. My dad is mid-western, tough as nails, outdoorsman, scary to some but teddy-bear-like to me type of guy. I’ve always been a daddy’s girl so he kind of sets the tone of my life, even when I try to avoid it – disappointment sucks. Anyway back to coffee, he didn’t have to say a word, from then on I was drinking my coffee black at their place and sneaking the sugary, creamy goodness elsewhere. Little did I know I was preparing myself for one of life’s little kicks in the ass…

Within the first few years of my adulthood, I suddenly became lactose intolerant. This truly sucked because I used to drink a lot of milk, loved eating cheese, and all lactose laden foods. I had to cold-turkey all dairy at first because it was terribly miserable to experience the hate my body would throw at me. Eventually, I started eating some yogurts and lactose free milks along with taking lactase enzyme pills for cheese – even some medications that contain lactose  – and it got less miserable. I still tried to avoid dairy though so my 2-8 cups of coffee a day routine was forever switched to black. I like it better, you can really taste the coffee and trying new blends is much more entertaining as the flavors aren’t being masked and altered with the additions. Not to say I don’t still love a good cappuccino or latte on occasion.

I also love getting that look from people who ask you how you like your coffee and I’m all like I like it black thank you. Suddenly a look of mad respect flashes like you’re some kind of mysterious, more interesting, badass. I love it. Since I joined the ranks of the black coffee drinking population with mysterious, more interesting, badass-ery type qualities, I’d been giving my husband hell for years about the frilly coffee he liked. Finally a few years ago, he gave in and made the switch to the dark side. I didn’t do it for those reasons I teased him for though. I was just tired of refilling our morning coffees and having to do the cream, the sugar, and the frothing routine for him that I’d given up a decade ago – basically I’m lazy.

My dad, step-mom, and step-brother are the reason I drink my coffee black and I will forever be grateful. Thanks Guys.

New Coffee Goals

I found some websites like Roast Rating but its hard to relate to them because based on their ratings… they seem to really dislike the coffee that I like so I can’t get a good read on other coffees with similar profiles that they’ve also rated badly.
With that in mind, my coffee series posts will be aiming at those who prefer dark roast, whole bean coffees like Kick Ass + Major Dickason’s but are wondering what else is out there and don’t want to buy before trying (or at least reading an honest opinion on them). If I come across coupons or deals with the blends or brands I try, I’ll post them with each article.

We will be trying 1-2 new coffees every week though the end of the year (and hopefully keep it going)
and I’m no connoisseur so descriptions shall be basic without overly confusing flavor profiles + a rating of 1-10 to allow for a wider range of goodness, 1-5 just doesn’t cut it on the swill to heavenly scale.

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